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It’s more than coaching.

We have taken the guesswork out of coaching. We’ve drawn back the curtain on the mystery of what “coaching” truly means by building together two specific programs designed to meet your needs. If you are a top executive, new manager, or hold an influential leadership position within your company, the GROWTH INDEX program is designed to help you become a stronger, more effective leader by maximizing your effectiveness and influence.

If you are looking to find the best tools possible to grow your career, take a look into our OFFICE HOURS program. This program is designed to help employers invest in their teams in a way that is effective and holds long term benefits for both the individual and the organization.

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combine the power of leadership with managerial influence

Our GROWTH INDEX program allows you to create a positive ripple effect throughout your organization leading to a broader impact and a greater profitability for the company overall. How? Research has shown, a large part of a company’s success is based on the strength of it’s leaders. The stronger your leadership and management teams, the more profitable your company will be. Our program speaks directly to those leaders at the core of your company that are critical to the success of your organization.

This powerful program was developed after years of experience and decades of research. It empowers your leaders, maximizing their effectiveness and their influence across your organization. It helps them understand and leverage their strengths, reinforcing new behaviors, identifying opportunities for growth and focusing on key competencies.

Our Growth Index Assessment tool is a highly personalized, results based feedback tool. It accelerates growth, creating the most impact in the shortest period of time through targeted learning and coaching.



increased communication
& interpersonal skills

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improved collaboration
across the team


higher individual
energy & motivation


improved self-regulation
& productivity

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heightened leadership


“With an ongoing waitlist, THRIVEX delivered the most in-demand and successful executive, leadership and developmental programs we’ve offered.”

- Ryan Urban, CEO and Co-Founder, BounceX

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Culture and employee development

Evidence shows that one of the top three reasons that talent chooses companies is based on the company’s commitment to professional development. Companies that invest in their employees and provide opportunities for professional development increase their companies health and longevity.

OFFICE HOURS is our one-on-one personalized coaching program developed for those forward-thinking companies that recognize that their people are their most valuable asset. These companies are committed to providing the best tools, resources and coaching available to help their talent thrive.

the benefits


increase engagement, motivation & satisfaction

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drives accountability and empowers individuals to excel


optimized performance


decreased stress levels & burnout

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attract and retain top talent


“Coaching has been a tremendous help to our employees. We have been named one of the TOP 100 BEST PLACES TO WORK IN NYC BY CRAIN’S four years in a row and have 2% turnover, no doubt in great part to Robin and the THRIVEX coaching program.”

- Jeremy Miller,, CEO and Founder

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coaching and development programs have now become an expected practice at high-performing companies.