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let’s craft
an experience
tailored to
fit you.

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Where Progressive thinking meets cutting edge research.
that’s us.

With an eye to the future, we are constantly monitoring what’s on the horizon, ensuring we have the tools and training to guide the leaders of tomorrow. We dig through piles of research and stacks of data equipping ourselves with the latest insights available in leadership, development and organizational effectiveness.

We guarantee each client an experience that is high touch for the participant while remaining low touch for the company overall. We know you are busy which is why we invested a great deal of our efforts into making sure our programs are turn-key and seamlessly executed.

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we promise results.

We talk the talk and walk the walk. Pulling from tools, techniques and one-on-one coaching, we empower the individual to move forward with action plans to achieve their personal goals as well as the goals of the organization overall.

We partner with companies and individuals to ensure their experience translates into both action and results.

Bottom line : We create solid teams with winning cultures.


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let’s talk selling points.

then the decision is simple.

Our program is more than what you may be thinking. We go far beyond the traditional coach walking employees through their struggles. We partner with each employee on an individual basis, helping them not only identify areas they may need to improve or adjust, but also working with them to create an action plan to achieve their goals.

Individualized Experience

  • Each experience is crafted for based on the individuals strengths, goals and challenges.

Tailored Programs

  • Every individual is different, each company’s culture - unique. Because of that, a one-size-fits all solution was never something that was in the realm of possibilities for us.

  • We are about tailored experiences based on goals of both the individual and the company.

Top of the Line Service

  • Each individual that engages with ThriveX receives unparalleled service from our team. We invest in each individual to the fullest, ensuring their experience is a quality one. As we often say: We’re “in it with” you.

Low Touch

  • We guarantee an experience that is low touch for the company and high touch for the participant.

Cost Effective Solution

  • We provide a turn-key, seamless way to offer resources and development to employees that will create long-term impact without dedicating long-term resources.

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- Gary Zurnamer, Head of Sales

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Let’s move forward together.
let’s DEFINE your goals, let’s STRATEGIZE your plan.
Then we will offer support as you TAKE ACTION to achieve positive results.